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 A&R Productions, LLC is a 
 multi-faceted production 
 company based in Chicago. 
 We are dedicated to the 
 highest level of integrity in 
 everything we do.  
 Our reputation is built 
 around giving 100% attention 
 to every detail and we are 
 proud to display the many 
 successful projects we have 
 been involved in.

 A&R Recording House spe-
 cializes in producing broad-
 cast quality Demo reels for
 talented actors who seek
 employment in the ever
 growing world of voice-over.
 Using customized script se-
 lection, one-on-one coaching 
 and 30 years of high-end
 audio engineering tech-
 niques, we will coach you
 and record your voice in the 
 best light possible. If you
 have reasonable voice-acting
 ability, we can make you
 sound your best! [more...]

keithA&R Recording House is a commercial recording studio started in 1996 by Keith Uchima, a music and voice producer.  Also a SAG/AFTRA actor, he has had speaking roles in Paramount Pictures Major League and reprised his comedic cameo in Major League II.  Most recently, he can be seen as the corrupt funeral director in Beverly Ridge Pictures new film “Chicago Overcoat” with Frank Vincent.  As a TV spokesperson, Keith has shouted “Ace has the best prices!” to John Madden for Ace Hardware on a national Superbowl spot, “chomped” the very first McChicken Sandwich, and taught Ronald McDonald and the kids some Tai Chi in other national commercials.  As a screenwriter, Keith was principal writer for the Chicago EMMY award-winning special “Nothing is Simple” for WMAQ-TV.  As a recording artist and vocalist, Uchima’s 2001 debut CD State of Mind was praised by the Illinois Entertainer, and “Never Again,” a song from his stage musical “Jade Monkey King” was nominated for best song at the International Denmark New Musical Competition.  Keith is proud to have recorded and produced hundreds of Chicago’s musical and vocal talents, and is the original co-creator of “Stir Friday Nite!”

mixer smallOur philosophy on voice-over demos:  Let’s face it.  If you have enough self awareness and access to a good digital recorder, you don’t really need to hire a producer/ engineer.  That being said, our specialty is bringing out premium performances from our actors.  Yes -we will push you hard.  Yes -we will challenge you.  Yes -we will take you out of your comfort zone and try to elevate you to your optimal limits as an actor.  Then we will capture the best performances on the highest quality digital resolution with the finest broadcast compression and equalization and state of the art mastering techniques.  We will take 4+ weeks to add effects/music and edit your demo to radio standards.  Let’s be realistic.  We can not get the job for you.  Only you can nail those auditions on the mic, but we can certainly show your agents and casting directors all of the talent and power that you bring into the studio.  Feel free to contact us for further information.


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