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AdjustedKeith Uchima is a SAG/AFTRA actor who has been featured in many commercials, industrials and films.

Some of the notable projects include.

Accenture. Featured character Mr. Mifune in national videoconferencing convention.  Spot broadcast in China’s world conference.

McDonalds.  National spot introducing the McChicken sandwich.  Keith and two Husky dogs eating the McChicken to a soundtrack by Ray Stevens.

Ace Hardware.  National Superbowl spot shouting Ace slogan to Coach John Madden

McDonalds.  National spot.  Teaching Ronald and kids Tai Chi in “Active Ronald” series of spots.

Film; Major League and Major League 2.  Paramount Pictures.  Cynical groundskeeper who keeps saying the Cleveland Indians are “sh*tty.”

Theater:  Echoes of Another Man.  Stage Left’s Jeff Recommended production about the first brain Mia McCullough.  Dr. Park as the conflicted surgeon.

Film:  Chicago Overcoat.  Beverly Ridge’s new film featuring Frank Vincent.   Keith portrays Bai Zhi Hou, a corrupt funeral director who disposes the bodies brought to him by Vincent.


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