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Complete demo production includes:

  - One on one consultation.
  - Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  - Assignment of exercises and practicing tips.
  - Custom script selection.
  - One on one coaching on mic.
  - Evening in a 24 bit hi-res recording studio 
    recording all spots.
  - Engineer/Producer with 30+ years experience.
  - Meticulous post production (3-5 weeks).
  - Editing, custom sound effects, broadcast com-
    pression and EQ.
  - Production of 2 CD quality master discs.

We will hand you the master discs and there are 
no hidden or continuing costs.  
We do not solicit extra profits from duplication or 
Complete Demo Packages: We offer an intensive one hour one-on-one work-
shop for actors who need to tune up their skills.  
This is done on-mic in an actual recording studio.  
This curriculum includes (time permitting): 

      - Simulated auditions on mic
      - Analyzing the script for a better read
      - Finding a solid character you can commit to
      - Getting beyond a one-dimensional per-
      - Increasing flexibility and range
      - Recording an actual spot in hi-res digital 
      - A quick edit with audio production to hear 
        the final spot
      - A critique session
      - Exercises and or assessment given upon 

An excellent way to assess your skills, tune 
yourself up, or learn the specifics needed in this 
very specific subset of acting.
$650 for children under 18
$ 95 complete
$775 for adults

Yes, it's a healthy investment, but if you have the potential, we are committed to getting the best performances out of our actors and producing the strongest possible demo reel showcasing your abilities. We realize that many of our actors are just getting on their feet, so we offer an easy payment plan with no interest.

 We also love our union actors and offer a 10% discount to any actor who is a member of SAG, AFTRA or AEA!

(note: These prices are published June 2008 and are subject to change)
Call or email for current prices!


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