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We give a monthly presentation “Introduction to Voice-Over” at one of Chicago’s premier talent agencies. Contact us if you would like to attend.

“INTRODUCTION TO VOICE-OVER” covers the following topics:

Notice: The following curriculum is Copyright 2008 by A&R Productions, LLC. No part may be reproduced without written consent.

New Opportunities in Voice-Over
with Keith Uchima, producer A&R Recording House, LLC 

Voice-Over: An Overlooked Source of Income?

Getting to know you…

Who can do Voice-Overs?

    • “I don’t really have an announcer’s voice.”
    • “My English is less than perfect.”
    • I am ethnic with an accent- can I do voice-over?”
    • “I have been told on more than one occasion that I have a great voice!”

How do I get started in Voice-Over?

    • Be “optimistically realistic.”
    • Consult with a trusted industry professional.
    • If the consensus is good, then you need a demo CD/reel.

What exactly is a demo CD/reel?

 Questions and Thoughts:

    • Why do I need a demo if the agents know me?
    • Thoughts on Chicago’s industry workshops/classes/seminars etc.
    • How do I know which producer/photographer/teacher/coach etc. is right for me?
    • So what’s involved with making a demo?

What does a good producer do?

    • Teaching the basics: Microphone technique, etc
    • Finding strengths, spotting weaknesses
    • Maximizing flexibility of voice and character
    • Finding customized scripts for the individual
    • Pushing the actors performance to a higher level beyond the basics
    • Helping the actor find their most effective character building process
    • Meticulous post production
    • Common sense marketing advice

Production Time and Cost

    • How long does it take?
    • How much should it cost?
    • Can I do it myself to save money?

*Free Consultation available for pre-screened or industry referred talent only.

Additional One-on-One workshop programs cover:

    • Simulated auditioning- On mic
    • Simulated studio sessions- On mic
    • Analyzing the script for a better read
    • Making the stronger acting choice
    • Subtle differences in voice-over, film and stage techniques
    • Finding motivation regardless of the validity of the product
    • Better auditioning through understanding the process
    • Optimizing your on-mic performance by clarifying your thought process
    • Exercises to become more flexible when taking direction
    • Increasing your access to your emotional range

Putting it all together!


Copyright (C) 2008 by A&R Productions, LLC